Top 12 Best Valued Listings over 2500 SQFT

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Real Estate

I have identified after a thorough citywide search the Top 12 active listings over 2500 sqft based based on properties priced above $600,000 using the ratio of list price per square footage. It is obvious that each property is unique unto itself in its finishing standards, lot location and basement development so these 12 results are simply generalizing the search process. For a more comprehensive outlook based on your individual search I am more than happy to revise this criteria to suit your budget and expectations

It is common that as the square footage of a home increases the costs of materials does not necessarily match so a home of 1400 sqft will carry a significantly high cost per square foot versus a home of 2800 sqft as such this ratio is unfairly used across all real estate and each property must be valued on it's on merits versus comparable homes.

Please contact me if you would like any additional information, to schedule showing appointments and/or for ongoing customized Top listing updates.